Welcome to the Never Ending Story

Where you, the writer, can contribute to an ongoing story that has no end.

How it works

Read what the previous writer has written.

Continue to evolve the story in a direction where you think it can go.

It is important to ensure continuity between each entry which is why the project works on a queuing system. Sometimes there might be a bit of a wait but please be patient, otherwise you could always come back later.


  • Keep it clean and tasteful
  • Read the preceding entry carefully and write a suitable continuation to the story
  • There may be other writers in the queue wishing to take part
  • You don’t have to rush, but if you are inactive for a period of time you will be prompted for input
  • If you do not type any text after a period of time the next person in the queue will take your position
  • Please do not suddenly take the story on a completely different tangent
  • Have fun
Contribute to the Never Ending Story

Please note that the story isn’t moderated. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Thank you for taking part.

If you’d like to read what other writers have contributed, read the Story, so far …